Wireless voting system ELEcTOR orchestrates voting process, performs instant vote counting and visually presents the results after voting is done. It supports various modes of operation with flexible structure of voted options and results calculation. This makes it applicable to a wide range of decision making, test or survey scenarios happening during meetings, lectures or gatherings.

System components

ELEcTOR system is composed of following elements:

  • Voting terminals: 3-button or 6-button versions

    Voting terminals are robust and have simple, easy to use keyboard with large and clear buttons. Visual indicators kept at minimum with just two bright LEDs in place of often hard to read small screens.

  • Communication hub
  • Main application

    Large variety of features allow the system to be customized according to user's preferences and allow to handle votings in many different modes, conforming to any special policies.
    System has full mobility.

Features and use-cases

Radical reduction of meetings' time and no mistakes in vote counting - these are the primary benefits of using our system.

Available voting features:

  • variable vote weight (e.g. number of shares)
  • different types of majority calculation (normal, absolute, qualified, etc.)
  • calculation of quorum necessary for accepting voting results
  • flexible permission system for voting participants
  • visualisation of voting progress and results on room's graphical outline

Types of votings

Description of available types of votings and result criteria.

  • Yes / No decisions taken during meetings or gatherings
  • Electing people or topics with highest support among several available options (mode N out of M)
  • Running quiz / contest, where the correct answer (optionally also response time) distinguishes winner or position in a leaderboard