We sell the system in packages suited to customer's preferences.
Primary set consists of:

  • voting terminals – arbitrary amount
  • communication hub – one or more depending on needs
  • main application governing the system
  • case for holding terminals

Extra add-ons - based on customer's order - are computer and video projector.
Completed set can be easily extended later on by adding more voting terminals.
We also offer possibility of branding terminals and main application with customer's logo or custom graphical design.

Whole package is prepared with consideration for requirements and types of votings it will be used in:

  • “Elector Magnus" - shareholder meetings (allows reflecting amount of shares in vote weight)
  • “Elector Universitas" - university boards (support voting: yes/no/abstain or choice voting one from a list)
  • “Elector Probatio" - quizes and knowledge tests (6-button terminals: choose one of several answers, statistics for results)

Price of packages depends on the individual order and delivery method.

Rent or let us handle your votings

As part of our offer we provide service of organizing votings during various events, starting from handling quizes and tests, up to sharesholder meetings or proffesionals gatherings, social or political meetings.
As part of the service we rent a complete voting system and send our employee on-site to handle it.